About us

Welcome to my store, Artisanal Effects; a small builder of high quality, hand built effects pedals. I'm an electrical engineer and musician that's been building pedals for more than 15 years. I specialize in boutique reproductions of really unique classic effects that are long out of production and/or pedals that are completely out of reach of most people due to ridiculous prices on the vintage market. Beloved pedals from Lovetone® are among my favorites, but over time I hope to add something for everyone to my store. I want you to enjoy amazing, vintage tones without breaking the bank! I ship internationally, if you're outside the US or Canada, just send me a email using the contact us link with what you want to purchase and your address, and I'll get you a custom quote.

Follow me on Instagram @artisaleffects for all the latest news, and my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwO1_wJ0wsbOlA73-FwcIgw for pedal demos.

While my webstore is new, I've been actively selling on Reverb for awhile. Check out my reviews there, I've copied a few below for from my awesome customers:




Artisanal Effects has no affiliation whatsoever with Lovetone®, or any other pedal maker I am producing replica's of. The company, product and service names in my listings are used solely for comparison and identification purposes. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.