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Magic Delay EM5 Soundtank® Delay clone

Magic Delay EM5 Soundtank® Delay clone

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A brand new, hand built replica of the magical Ibanez® Soundtank® EM5 delay from the late 90’s. This often overlooked original has become a secret weapon over the past few years for pedalboard builders and discriminating players, who love it as an "always on" delay. Originals have become hard to find, expensive, and are plastic, cheaply built and have switching reliability problems. But the sound…creamy, filtered, warm and very analog delay tones from a unique digital karaoke chip that is now out of production.
The “Magic Delay” is an exact replica of the original, including the out of production delay chip which I’ve secured a small quantity of. The only change is replacing the original, unreliable jfet switching with true bypass, fixing a major flaw. This is not in the signal path and has no effect on the sound. Plus a solid metal chassis, high quality parts and hundreds of dollars cheaper!

The majority of customers that have purchased these had, or still have an unreliable/fragile original, and report that mine captures all the magic while fixing all the issues (see reviews below).

(Note that this pedal does not have a battery clip and must be powered from a 9VDC standard Boss style adapter, (not included).

Get the magic today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Corporal Clegg
Magic Delay

Spot on magic!

Nathaniel Stoops
I like pedals... but I REALLY like delay pedals. LETS GO!!

Ok... So this circuit isn't a difficult circuit on the surface. That's what some think and therefore they haven't tried it. The chip is finicky. Mess it up and it clips weird. Nvm... he did a wonderful job on the build itself. (If you needed to know).
Which was the MAIN problem with the old one. Sounded great but the thing was as fragile as a memory.
This pedal is not.
Not only did he get the sound... the TONE correct... he got it BETTER. It has more meat in it than the older pedal.
This thing has music in it. Plug it up, turn it on, and you will automatically come up with something. Inspiration in pedal format is a difficult thing to manufacture... but he did. I love this pedal and I have high hopes for everything else he makes. I have to get a certain Flanger and the new OD/EQ job he's made... Very excited to say the least. Don't sleep on this pedal, Reader. That would be a mistake.